The Cyclepath Story

Welcome to Cyclepath, Bright’s first bike shop.

Established in 1994, Cyclepath began as a small family cycle shop. Five years later, along came Brendon,
Kiwi-turned-Bright-local and riding enthusiast. He has since bought the shop, and now runs the show with the help of his dedicated team.

To this day, Cyclepath is a bike and accessories shop, offering bike rentals, servicing and repairs too. But it goes beyond this. We’re a reliable, friendly source of information on all things bikes, and all things Bright. We’re a meeting point for social rides, and a central part of the vibrant Bright community.

We’re driven by a passion for riding

When we’re not talking bikes at work, we’re riding them. For us, it’s the dream. For you, it means we know what we’re talking about. And we’re excited about your cycle plans here in our region, too.

Across the team, we’ve had years of cycling experience, from road riding to racing mountain bikes. We’re passionate about riding, and it’s evident in everything we do. Whether you’re looking for a new bike, a service or a rental, you’re guaranteed expert advice.

Amateur or pro, we cater to everybody!

We love this place, and we’ll let you in on all of Bright’s ‘secrets’

We reckon it doesn’t get much better than Bright. We’re here to offer expert service, solid advice and, of course, a good laugh.

Make the most of your adventure in Bright 
Want to see the best of Bright? Talk to us locals. We’re explorers at heart, and we want you to get the most out of your trip to this beautiful part of Australia.

Whether you’re exploring the rail trail with your sights set on the lovely cafes, or on the hunt for adrenaline, this place has got it all. The stunning scenery makes the area one of Australia’s top cycling spots, and in Bright, it’s all at your doorstep.
We know all there is to know about Mystic Mountain Bike Park (and how to get there), and the biking events being hosted here throughout the year.

Fantastic service, couldn’t ask for better. My little boy’s chain broke and lost the link. The guys at the shop had a new chain link which saved a five year old’s weekend. He is a very happy little man. Thank you. Michael

Meet the team

Brendon Dean


Kevin Riseborough

Head Mechanic

Claire Davey

Junior & Team Rider

Julia Maguire


Lachie Forbes

Workshop & Sales

Sam Northey

Workshop & Team Rider

Popped in to drop my bike off for repairs, instead I was helped immediately on the spot! Super friendly, great service, highly recommended!!
M. Thomas


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